It’s my dream to take “emotions” through an artistic paradigm and connect people through “Visual Emote”. It has always been my endeavor to capture the subtle emotions of people, friends of people whom God created, and all the things that can be marvelled at. Its human imagination that has translated to such wondrous-tangible surroundings, and I intend with all honour to uphold the ingenious spirit of it, to take a step ahead and to discover the toast of human effort. That's how I emote motion in pictures, through my “visual emote” platform. It is an humble beginning to “live life to the fullest” and capture the memories “toujours” through my lens.

After spending 20 years in the corporate world, I have transitioned photography from a hobby to passion, to have it gracefully landed into the professional space. I take up classes on Photography and also organize guided “open top Jeep” photo trips over weekends. I invite you all to join and contribute to “Visual Emote” platform.

Visually Yours
Sivaram Kuppachi, Chief Emoter and Founder
Email: kuppachi0@gmail.com
Mobile: +91 9686571100


Hailing from a creative background, Abishek is a soul- provider whose heart beats pulsate celluloids and silver screens. Rolling cameras and scripting sensual treats close to six years, Abishek has been accredited with various creatives projects that include photo and videography for various esteemed clients. A Creative Director by profession (a title that fits him naturally), he’s a multi-faced personality who has scripted, written and undertaken screenplay for media platforms that include T.V. Radio and Main Stream Cinema.

A film maker by soul and writer by heart, Abishek loves riding his motorcycle and exploring new cultures and languages. He has scripted and directed various short films and has won awards in film festivals including the prestigious Royal Stag Large Short Films. His latest short titled ‘How To Kill Gandhi’ has already garnered a lot of interest and curiosity. He is currently scripting a bi-lingual feature film.

Abishek Chandran
Creative Director
Phone: 9886444531
Email: abishek@visualemote.com